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BK8 Promotions: Unveiling Exciting Offers on the Top Platform

BK8 promotions are currently the driving force behind the immense customer base of the leading online betting platform. Regardless of which program you choose on this platform, you can swiftly boost your account thanks to the substantial rewards.

A Quality Collection of BK8 Promotions:

With its substantial economic power, bk8 Sports not only invests in its product and service system to provide all members with an excellent entertainment space but also offers numerous enticing promotions:

Newbies, Don't Miss Out on the Enticing BK8 Promotions:

Completing the registration process on the BK8 platform allows players to immediately receive promotions for newbies.

Completing the registration process to receive a 100% bonus on the first deposit.

By how to register bk8 account you could become one of the members eligible to receive rewards of up to 38,888,000 VND. The program's details are as follows:

10,000 players who are the earliest new members of BK8 will receive benefits from the program.

From 01/08/2023, members can start receiving this notification.


Offer 1: Receive a 100% bonus for products on the platform with a maximum bonus of 2,100,000 VND and a minimum bet of 15.

Offer 2: Deposit according to the bonus condition milestones up to 38,888,000 VND.

Reward method:

Offer 1: Players only need to perform: Go to the Transfer page => Transfer money from the main wallet to the product wallet from 250K => Receive the "Promotion Code".

Offer 2: Make a deposit => Contact customer support => Transfer money to the promotion wallet.

New Members Receive 100% BK8 Promotion After Registration:

All members on the BK8 platform have the chance to receive a 5% daily cashback if they download the app and make a deposit.

Downloading the app provided by BK8. Make a minimum deposit of 200 thousand VND. Use the app to receive rewards. The method of receiving rewards is also straightforward; you need to: Go to the "Transfer" page => Select Transfer => Transfer money from the main wallet to the provider wallet => Enter the promotion code => Click on the line [APP BONUS 5% - STAY ACTIVE APP 5%].

The bonus amount that players receive will be calculated at 5% of the total deposit amount and there is no maximum amount limit. Players need to complete 3 betting rounds to receive the bonus.

Giving Free Codes to New Members at BK8:

Members at the number 1 platform also have the opportunity to receive 1000 free codes. The offer will be as follows:

Target: For 1000 members who have not participated in any promotions on the platform.

Time: From 17/08/2023 members can start registering to receive rewards.


Players need to like the BK8 Vietnam fan page.

Successfully confirm email and phone number, deposit at least 1000 VND.

Complete the promotion within 14 days.

Rewards: The promotion is worth from 68,000 to 388,000 VND.

VIP Offers for All Members:

Joining the BK8 platform for a long period and having the chance to become a VIP member, do not overlook the VIP promotion. Accordingly, VIP offers at the platform include:

VIP members receive a 4% reward weekly up to 22 million.

All VIP level members at BK8 have the opportunity to participate in weekly offers up to 22 million VND. This is a cashback offer for the total bet lost during the week, specifically:

Target: All members recognized as VIP at BK8.

Time: From 01/04/2023 is the betting enthusiast can register to participate.

Receive rewards: Players only need to contact support to confirm the total bet lost last week from Wednesday to Saturday every week.

Conditions: Members need to deposit a minimum of 50 million VND from Monday to Sunday. The maximum refund amount is up to 22,000,000 VND with a betting turnover of 3.

VIP members depositing in cryptocurrency will receive up to 20% bonus.

VIP members at the platform who complete a minimum deposit of 1 million in cryptocurrency will be able to participate in promotions up to 3,800 VND.

Target: All members achieving VIP level at BK8.

Maximum bonus: 20% deposit up to 3,800,000 VND.

Conditions: Complete 12 betting rounds on all BK8 products except the Allbet hall to receive the bk8 bonus code.

VIP members receive birthday offers up to 4.888 million VND.

On birthdays, all special members at the platform can receive offers up to 4.888 million VND. Specifically:

Target: Members at the Bronze level and above.

Time: In the month before or after the birthday, 30 days members can receive offers.


Deposit 50 million VND within 30 days if not rewarded will be revoked.

The account is active normally for 3 consecutive months.

Bet turnover in each month is 50 million VND.

Rewards: The rewards for each level will vary from 1,088,000 to 4,888,000 VND. All player rewards must complete 5 betting rounds to withdraw money to the account.

Important Notes When Participating in BK8 Promotions:

You have read the information about the offers on the number 1 BK8 platform, so before participating directly, remember to note the following:

All members on the platform are only allowed to participate in receiving offers with 1 account, 1 IP address, and 1 bank account information.

Programs on the gaming system may change at any time without BK8 needing to notify.

Each promotion has specific time, conditions, and content that players need to carefully read to receive rewards.

Betting turnover will be calculated according to the conditions of each promotion hall. However, players need to complete this condition within 30 days if they do not want to lose the reward. At the same time, turnover is only recorded on valid betting tickets.

All fraudulent behaviors on the platform are not accepted, and members who violate will not be eligible to receive rewards and will be banned.

All BK8 promotions are only for members using VND currency, with a unit of 1000 VND.

Players need to fully comply with the platform's policies to receive rewards and participate in many offers on the platform.


BK8 promotions will be regularly changed to attract customers to participate in betting, receiving rewards. Visit the betting platform and choose the most suitable offer to set goals.


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