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Hey there!

I wanted to start by saying I’m so glad you’re here. Thanks for following my page. It means so much to me. I also wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. 

I’m Katie- the parent behind Parenting by the Books, the woman behind the website, the babe behind the blog, the no drama momma who brings you booklists! 

All quirky titles aside, at my essence I’m a Christ follower, wife, momma, librarian, and book lover. Parenting by the Books began as an opportunity for me to combine my experience as a mother and my expertise as a librarian. My goal has always been to provide booklists that are both artfully crafted, relevant, and hopefully a little funny. My prayer is that these lists will encourage, inspire, and focus your parenting journey. I also hope they make you laugh, because- let’s be honest, we all need more smiles. 

I’m so thankful you were led to my work by whatever means. I pray that you find it useful and relevant to your circumstances! 

Lots of love, 


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