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Best Books for Newborns

Though newborns have limited sight, the benefits of storytime are not lost on them! Snuggling with a loved one, hearing lovingly spoken words, and sharing a happy experience all combine to foster a love of reading, even at this very early age. Through storytime, newborns can develop crucial building blocks for a love of language. 

Despite low visual ability, newborns can see. In fact, they are drawn to high contrast colors including black, white, and red. Many authors have catered to this and crafted stories specifically for this age group.

Make the most of storytime with your new bundle by choosing titles with this color scheme, and by keeping in mind that they see objects best when they are held about 8-12 inches away from their face.

I started reading to my kiddos shortly after we brought them home from the hospital. It was so fun to see how they were more likely to turn their head and track when I read books that were specifically catered to their age. Because of this, storytime was enjoyable for both myself and my babies very early on! Here are a few of my favorites! 

Board Books

Our copy of this title is very well loved from many, many readings. It includes varied pictures in high contrast colors, with simple text, and a super sweet message at the end. I always found it fun to chat with my babies about the pictures as we read. This book can be purchased here.

This researched backed baby book helps newborns begin to dicipher shapes and colors! Check it out here.

Most newborn books do little to entice an adult audience, but this one is loved by both babies and parents! The beautiful Scandinavian inspired imagery of this title makes it enjoyable for all ages. It can be purchased here.

This research based baby book was developed with infants in mind. Its unique lines and pictures are no mistake. The creator set out to piece together images that were soothing to newborns and developed this title that is well-loved by babies and parents. Check it out here.

This high contrast title introduces tiny readers to ten fun garden creatures! Its high contrast pictures and clearly defined shapes will quickly capture your newborn’s attention. This book can be purchased here.

This accordion-style board book engages early readers with its unique shape and vivid imagery. Check it out here.

Cluck and Moo by Frida Bing This high contrast title includes adorable animal images for your young readers. It can be purchased here.

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