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Although most wireless routers have security features enabled by default, many network attacks still begin with a hacker wardriving through a neighborhood, looking for network vulnerabilities (often still using a cantenna). Having hackers on your network is bad for several reasons. They can do any of the following:


Of course, while lax security might be an open invitation to hackers, Wi-Fi thieves are more likely to be neighbors trying to get free internet access. This is especially common if you live in a large apartment building, since your router signal is probably strong enough to be picked up from almost anywhere in your building and probably several of the surrounding buildings as well.

There are apps for both mobile and desktop computers that can be used to detect unwanted devices on your network. There are also web-based apps like this router checker from F-Secure that will look for indications that someone has hacked into your network.

Before you spend an entire afternoon on the phone with customer service, try plugging your computer directly into your router. Did that fix your speed problems? If it did, then the problem is with your router. You can always buy a new one, but there are a few tricks you can try first. To find out how, check out our step-by-step guide to improving your Wi-Fi speed.

If your network slows down at peak hours (usually in the evening when everyone is getting home from work), then this might be normal slowdown due to internet traffic. Cable connections share bandwidth between houses in the same neighborhood, so you can get lower-than-advertised speeds if you and your neighbors are all trying to use the internet at once. The only way to avoid this is to avoid peak hours or switch to a more reliable connection like fiber.

If your internet slows down for a few days or weeks every month, your internet service provider (ISP) might be throttling your speed once you pass your monthly data cap. This can often be fixed by upgrading to a more expensive monthly plan or by purchasing additional data from your ISP.

These days, a vulnerable home network may not exactly be a jackpot for hackers, but it is low-hanging fruit for freeloaders. Using proper network security is a good habit to get into and a good way to get the most out of your internet plan.

In case a personnel of BSNL reads this (highly unlikely) your broadband personnel ought to have known that the solution was not frequent change of router-cum-modem, but, rather a small change. Time to show that the leading ISP cares for loyal broadband customers who have been around since the days it was initiated as DataOne, seems your infrastructure or the modems that you provide were meant for 256 kbps lines and not these 4 Mbps lines. You are probably the third largest employer in India and yet you do not assist your patrons at all.

if your broadband plan is 4mbps then your speed is capped/limited to 2mbps only. contact the sde of local bsnl telephone exchange to lift the cap and increase speed to 4mbps. once the cap is removed, the downstream data rate would show 4096 kbps or above.

Bsnl Broadband continues to grow as one the most popular broadband services in India with high speed facilities of upto 2 mpbs. But a large number of users of this service are vulnerable to hacker attacks because discovering and hacking the vulnerable victims of this network is shockingly simple. If you are a Bsnl broadband user then immediately assess the security of your internet connection and take appropriate steps to secure yourself.

First lets see how simple it is to hack bsnl dataone broadband usernames and passwords. For this you shall need a ipscanner tool called Angry IP Scanner or nmap or anything similar. Angry ip scanner is a gui tool and is easy for newbies whereas nmap is more powerful and used by hackers.

5. Check your broadband usage on a regular basis and compare it with your own surfing schedules to check whether someone else has used it or not. If suspiscious usage is indicated then immediately change your broadband password as well.

There is no use of hacking a BSNL modem or router. What do you do with Modem control?. Anyway, Antivirus software blocks malicious traffic. At least know your BSNL broadband username using the =com.examtray.bsnlfup app. If you know the WIFI password of your friend, you can know your friend username too. But what is the use?

Guys i have found a way to hack into broadband again and also i can tell u how to get free internet on 3g , just send me your emails here and i will send u the procedure , remember the data cannot be posted here or bsnl will know about it and stop itgo here and send you email

If you invest in high-speed internet access via cable, fiber optic or a municipal broadband service, then you know how life changing it is to have blazing fast, reliable internet service. This has been especially important during the past 18 months when so many of us have been working from home and relying on multiple devices running simultaneously to do our jobs and participate in school.

Since its founding, ProtonVPN has grown to have more than 1,700 servers in 63 countries. Typically, when it comes to VPNs, the more servers, the better, as your proximity to a server influences your internet speed.

OpenVPN is an open-source VPN protocol that VPNs use to make secure tunnels for your web traffic. Many consider OpenVPN as the gold standard when it comes to VPN protocols, and rightly so, because it offers a good balance of speed and security. It offers up to 256-bit encryption using the Open SSL library and many other security features that VPN providers can configure with protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2/IPSec, SSTP, and more.

Are you going to use your VPN with web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Opera? If so, you need to know about WebRTC leaks. WebRTC, otherwise known as Web Real-Time Communication, is a collection of standardized technologies that allows web browsers to communicate directly with each other rather than going through intermediate servers. WebRTC makes for faster speeds for video chat, live streaming, and file transfers.

If you live in India, you must have already guessed the major challenge for any video streaming services in India by now. And yes, its going to be due to the very small FUP limits, slow connection speeds after FUP set by ISPs in India. There are many other factors included too such as the inflated broadband prices, bad contention ratios, and major reliability issues.

When you purchase a broadband connection from your ISP of 16Mbps with an FUP of 20GB and post FUP 512Kbps, it means that you can browse online and download at a speed of 16Mbps upto 20GB and after that your ISP will reduce the speed to 512Kbps in this case.

The above plans have good speeds upto FUP, but really slow speed after FUP. The ACT Swift plans trrottles your speed to a 256Kbps which cannot even be classified as broadband connection. Now, that does not even meet the minimum broadband requirement for Netflix.

According to FCC in 2015, the a broadband connection is classified with download speeds of 25 Mbps and upload speeds of 4 Mbps. I believe that its high time TRAI to increase the minimum broadband speed to a standard of atleast 8Mbps-16Mbps download and 1Mbps upload with no FUP. Its time to stop greedy ISPs ripping people off. If FUP must be implemented, a standard must be set to a minimum of atleast 300GB for the inflated price we pay for the internet.

Phishing is also a high-priority concern as it relates to SIM Swapping. Not only will hackers receive the calls or texts coming through, but they can also send messages as this cell phone number. For businesses, this mean a hacker could be sending messages posing as your employee asking for documents, access or other insider information that might normally be fine if in the hands of your employee, but detrimental if in the hands of a hacker or made public. How might this happen? Say you get a text from a friend that links to a funny video. You might click on this link, not knowing that it is some sort of virus or malware that you just downloaded to your device. While this is only one example, there are many sinister possibilities that hackers have designed when they pretend to be someone else to extort your information.

We already talked about the importance of how hackers can use a hijacked SIM card for phishing, but they can also get your personal information through phishing attacks. Here are the best practices and tips to avoid phishing schemes. Talk to your Employees about Phishing, external email and text requests and educate them to be aware of and better identify these requests. Being on alert and aware of these types of attacks is the first step in keeping them from affecting your organization.

BSNL Broadband is one of the most used Internet broadband services in India. However, number of users complain a lot about the download speed of their Internet. Although, BSNL claims that the users get a minimum of 2MBPS speed, the speed will drop to 512 KBPS as soon as your FUP limit is exceeded. In some cases, even though the monthly FUP limit is still not reached, you may see a decline in the download speed due to several reasons.

The only answer BSNL employees give you for the decreased speed is to upgrade to a higher plan. Unfortunately, this is not the ideal solution for many and in this article, we shall see the exact tips to increase BSNL broadband speed without having to upgrade to a bigger plan.

So, better not to use those tools and stick with the normal trick mentioned below with which you can easily improve the download speed of your BSNL broadband or any other Internet connection for that matter.

Sometimes, you may encounter slower Internet speeds when the browser cache memory gets full. If you encounter slow downloads or frequent browser crashes, then first clear your browser cache and it will eventually solve the problem.


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