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The Matching Couples Necklaces is valuable as Gold What does it signify and other pertinent questions about this sweet item

Even the most sceptical and realist of people can be won over by love, even if it's only for a few minutes. Flowers, intimate evenings, sweet names, and secret smiles between the two of you are all part of everyday life for a couple. It's wonderful. But there's the more powerful (in every sense) way to express one's sincere emotions and dedication: tokens of love in the form of jewelry pieces, or other lovely trinkets. In this post, we'll explore the promise ring and its meaning. We'll also take a look at what fashion is saying right now.

From the Romans to the Millenniums: What do Do Promise Rings Signify Historically?

According to legend the promise ring dates from Roman (yes, Roman Empire) times, and symbolize the formal promise to marry. The piece of jewelry was referred to as a betrothal ring and symbolized the official obligation to get married, which was signed by couples-to-be as well as their families. The wedding was a significant matter with regards to estate transfers, dowries and money issues between two families. It was a long and laborious process for all of it to be resolved. The ring was essentially the sign of the contract that guaranteed.

In the Middle Ages, and even later in Renaissance times, it was fashionable to give special rings to sweethearts, with hidden inscriptions which secretly expressed the romantic feelings of a partner. These rings weren't specifically the vow to get married, but when the ring and the declaration of love were accepted, then the wedding vows would soon be in the offing. With this or that interpretation, the idea of a ring being an act of love has endured that long, yet today we have our own version of this ring and its significance.


A promise ring is a highly personal and delicate thing that can only be exchanged by a couple. It's therefore up to them to decide when and how to exchange rings. The ancient Romans could exchange hefty steel bracelets rather than rings, but a simple and attractive ring is a more appropriate object for modern daily wear.

What do promise rings mean in a relationship? Promise rings are typically used to express commitment, and help you get closer to marriage and engagement. Modern engagement rings require that you establish a timeframe to plan the wedding preparations and the actual wedding. For instance, in a year after the date of engagement it is the time to are married, meaning that you've only got 12 months in which to send out invitations, reserve a venue, find a florist, and have the wedding party and mock dinners scheduled prior to the wedding date.

What does a promise-ring from your boyfriend mean? Just that: a promise of marriage which does not begin this exciting countdown to wedding day. Your partner or you may be unable to set the wedding date due certain conditions. It could be that both of you need to finish your education before you are able to start a family. You could be going on a trip or even in the military, so it's not sensible to set a date before your spouse returns. Both of you may be underage and need to wait until you reach the legal age to marry. All these meanings are preserved if you wonder what a promise ring means from a woman to be sure. It is a future promise 'yes'.

In all cases there is a need to be mutually committed, to speak and listen to the words that matter will always be there, the promise ring lets you to exchange your initial vows without entering the wedding planning process. Making and accepting these rings is an intimate and emotional experience. Make sure you choose them with care and select the appropriate time.

What is the process by which a promise ring work?

This ring really reads like the following: My owner is a long-term commitment to someone and will marry him someday (they haven't decided on a date). Some may find it not quite as thrilling as an engagement ring but its significance is hard to overestimate for lovers who are in love and want to be forever their lives.

For those who do not believe in marriage The promise ring can be an equivalent of the 'Yes I do' formula, but cast in gold (or silver).

This indicates that the relationship has ended and the relationship is now in the phase of commitment and exclusivity.

So sometimes, a promise ring can be a sign of a commitment to be married, or it's a similar pledge of commitment in lieu of marital vows. This is the solution to the question: what's the motive behind a promise ring? The other senses are not included here. Before you or your loved ones buy this product, you should have an honest discussion on what you'll do to formalize your relationship.

What are the prices Promise Rings Cost and how much should you pay for them?

There are promise rings in many different styles and designs. This means that it is not necessary to shell out an arm and an a leg to purchase the rings. Furthermore, you'll be required to spend a significant sum on an engagement ring and on wedding rings. So this adds up to a good deal of expenses and leaves us with the question of what amount should you cover the women's vow rings (as as well as male rings)?

The truth is that you can spend as much as you'd like by purchasing a custom ring or buying the one you already have. It's up to you budget and taste. However, experts in wedding planning recommend that you spend on this kind of jewelry up to $2,000 maximum and that's more than enough. A promise ring is usually an understated and elegant piece that is later put together with an engagement ring or a wedding ring that can be worn every day.

The elegant designs that do not catch your eyes immediately with the tens of carats of stone and sparkling shine could be priced lower and still elegant and stylish for wear every day. The slim rings that have interesting shapes as well as smaller stones can be found within the few hundred dollar brackets and are a symbol of casual chic that can elevate any style of clothing that you wear. You can invest between $200 and $400 on the promise ring that will be the focus on your loved ones' jewellery collection.

The strategic plan of action: which hand to wear the PROMISE RING, and why?

The ring is a flexible piece that can be worn anyplace in your hand. To avoid any confusion or embarrassing questions, you should not place it on the left finger for the ring. This simple trick will not let people think the ring is an engagement ring and you'll also be able tell everyone about your wedding plans when you're getting ready.

In the opposite should you wish to announce to the world that you've found the perfect match and plan to marry them one day, and that's what a promise ring symbolizes to a woman, place it on the left-hand ring finger. Why wouldn't you, after all?

You can wear it in the ring finger of the right hand or on the middle fingers on either hand (middle fingers are believed to be connected to the heart, and Romans were known to wear rings like that). Alternately, you can change the fingers according to your mood and fashion preferences. You personally know the meaning of the ring, and that's the key.


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