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Fellowship & Fortitude: The Bookclub for Christian Parents (2nd Sunday @6pm)

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Beau Edwards
Beau Edwards

Synapse Hydra - VST V1.2 SERIAL: A Multi-Model Synthesizer with Different Oscillator Combinations

with an ms-20 style sequencer and a fully analog pre-amp and filter. an application that is excellent in its simplicity. very useful in its ability to emulate classic hardware instruments. easily patchable analog oscillator. uro vst uro demo

Synapse Hydra - VST V1.2 SERIAL Free Downloadl

the ultimate polyphonic synthesizer. it is the grand-daddy of all our synthesizers. the first synth that hooked us all in the early 1990's. sound designing tools, such as filter envelopes, modulation wheels, arpeggiators, and an excellent sequencer. it also has an amazing keyboard that makes it the perfect device for studio work. uropc windows uro pc demo

hyper-polyphonic synth with a powerful stereo engine that has a full wavetables system with a powerful sequencer, 2 oscillators per voice, and an 8 voice unlimited patch fx section. five envelope generators and four lfos with very accurate phase randomization. all of the synths that are on this list are great, but this is the champion. xmos vst xmos sampler demo

this is a modern-day version of the classic ms-20, the first analog synth that made a huge impression on the gaming world, spawning thousands of clones over the years. now at version 2 and ported to the pc.

a polyphonic synthesizer with a powerful four voice analog section that has an effect section that can morph between pwm, analog and digital effects. the original set of sounds are also included. jupiter evolution windows jupiter evolution demo

a powerful polyphonic synthesizer with an amazing stereo engine that has 2 oscillators per voice, a sequential effects section, a network style sequencer with 32 patches. the synths that are on this list are great, but this is the champion.


Welcome to Fellowship & Fortitude! Fellowship and Fortitude:...


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