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Fellowship & Fortitude: The Bookclub for Christian Parents (2nd Sunday @6pm)

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Julian Reed
Julian Reed


In the beginning I tried red hat/gnome. It was painful. Next was knoppix/kde. That was smooth fast could adjust desktop for my slight vision problem. A rather hard to in gnome-just no option. Now I do pure debian/kde.


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GNOME is really good on portable pc with touchpad (excellent) and for multitasking and virtual desktop. It is easy to use and on the eye. The search feature is advanced. The elastic behaviors of apps is awesome.KDE is good, the file engine is better. And it suit better for use with pc and another one. And android. The customizability is fine. But feels unpolished at time. It is lightweight on ressources now. Also Kapps suite is excellent.So, I use weither gnome or kde.

Pantheon is a gnome shell if I'm not mistaken, it uses gala as a window manager, files as a file browser, plank as a dock, and various other programs created by the elementary team. For me it is simply great, the most comfortable and elegant default environment that I have found to date in addition to being quite stable (even if it is in alpha or beta), that if, it does not have many customization options.

Hello, good article. KDE is a super complete and integrated desktop, although I do not see it at all light and it is slower to open applications than other environments and because with so many options and everywhere they make me dizzy. XFCE is a good desktop but it has no excuse for having it so incomplete since for a long time it stopped being the lightweight desktop, it fails with Thunar, with keyboard shortcuts and function keys and other more specialized options, gnome is not so heavy, to me It starts me up with less than 300 MB and although it has been a total change in concept of desktop environment (I would say that it is the only original desktop environment) it has been more productive using the keyboard. LXDE is the lightweight desktop that it should be, I forgive its lack of power manager and so on because it is supposed to be for old PCs.

The elav report is very good, in my short time in linux I tried the four environments, and the one I like the most is xfce, I like it because I can customize it as I like it and it does not consume as much as kde, the only one that I don't like all four is gnome.

Well, as far as I am concerned, I have worked since 2000 with Linux, I have only been an end user and I do not get much involved with tuning, the issue in question in terms of need and tastes I stay with KDE, I have a netbook With kde and flies, I have tried gnome classic, 3, unity, xfce and very well but it is not very pleasant to work on a netbook with those environments, maybe gnome 2 a bit tuned but considering what they said above it is very true sometimes it takes one more in tuning than in working therefore I stay with kde, on my desktop I have linux mint 14 with cinnamon and it goes to 100 I like it a lot, honestly when you get used to one environment it costs a little to adapt to another, when I used gnome2 It cost me a little kde, I think that the watershed could be the introduction of unity in ubuntu because from there the users migrated to another environment, I also think that many are a little scared of kde, they say it is nice but a little different, but nevertheless when they enter they are left with a good in taste ... My choice is KDE: D ...

I switched to KDE because gnome3 was uncomfortable, I usually open several text files (doc, txt) and spreadsheets. But that environment mixed them up and I put them where I wanted. And with Dolphin I even access FTP folders, I no longer need filezilla and with Kate I open and save changes to websites without using FTP clients (except Dolphin)

Hello, I have been on Linux for 3 months and I've been browsing various versions and distributions going through Ubuntu 13.04, 13.10, xubuntu, linux mint, cinnamon and xfce, crunshbag, fedora gnome and xfce, bodhi linux, manjaro xfce, cinnamon and openbox, elementary OS is beautiful

I think that the great speed of LXDE (much faster than Windows XP) makes up for the few shortcomings in functionality that it has and as a strong point, it starts much faster than any other desktop and all gnome applications work perfectly. Come on, it's just a matter of adapting to it with a little practice and its daily use is a piece of cake; to forget about slowdowns when opening windows, crashes due to lack of memory, excessive indexing processing, among others. Any pot is enough ?

Gnome-shell users may experience display issues when they switch to Wayland from X. One of the root cause might be the CLUTTER_PAINT=disable-clipped-redraws:disable-culling set by yourself for Xorg-based gnome-shell. Just try to remove it from /etc/environment or other rc files to see if everything goes back to normal.

Also, I have installed KDE apps on my gnome set up and vice versa. Is the only downside to this that it will take more space for the dependencies or are there other down sides to it that would make me better off sticking to just KDE apps or gnome apps?

Openbox cant give curved window textures. Openbox has limited compositing options; basic compositing works through xcompmgr and cairo. If you are concerned of space, find gtk (not gnome) alternatives to whatever you need. Openbox (or any other WM generally) can be as simple and bloaty as you want it to be.

Something to note, gnome is based on gtk and kde is based on qt. What does this mean? Well, they are different gui toolkits. So, another reason I prefer Gnome is gtk. It tends to be more stable and less glitchy. Also, I like some of the panel applets better (system monitor). I think Gnome is a little more modular too. So, I can be using FVWM and have the gnome panel running.


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