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Fellowship & Fortitude: The Bookclub for Christian Parents (2nd Sunday @6pm)

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Julian Reed
Julian Reed

Commando Full [NEW] Movie In Mkv File

This will create a video.avi file containing the video. You can play with the -x264encopts options and the -vf filters to improve the quality or reduce the file size. For example, a movie with a black border should be cropped with -vf crop=$X:$Y,scale=-1:-10,harddup with the proper values instead of $X and $Y (see cropdetect in the MEncoder manual). You may want to scale down the movie with -vf scale=$WIDTH:-10,harddup the width of the movie will become $WIDTH (keep $WIDTH a multiple of 16: 640, 480, or 320 are usually fine), the height will be correctly calculated in order to keep the aspect ratio.

commando full movie in mkv file

The .mkv file will contain everything, so you can store your movie keeping all the audio track you want. Even if you are not interested in keeping multiple sound tracks, the H.264/Vorbis format pair should ensure great quality.


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