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Iclone Hair Pack

iClone Hair Pack - A Review

iClone is a powerful 3D animation software that allows users to create realistic and expressive characters with ease. One of the most important aspects of character creation is hair design, which can greatly affect the appearance and personality of the characters. In this article, we will review some of the hair packs that are available for iClone and Character Creator, and see how they can enhance your character creation process.

iClone Content Pack - G6 Hair & Accessory

This pack contains 27 accessories and 14 hairstyles that are compatible for both iClone and Character Creator. The hairstyles include buns, wavy, bob, side-parted, central-parted, and more. The accessories include necklaces, earrings, wallets, chains, scarves, bowties, glasses, hats, and more. The pack also provides material presets for different colors and styles. The hairstyles and accessories are designed to work with all characters, and support realistic dynamic hair physics. This pack is ideal for creating fashionable and trendy characters with various hairstyles and accessories.

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Smart Hair - Hair Builder for Digital Human Creation

This pack is a revolutionary hair creation tool that provides users with 20 pre-assembled hairstyles and 32 hair elements in premium quality. The hair elements are modular building blocks that can be intuitively combined to create unlimited hairstyles. Users can also adjust the morphs, transformations, and mesh editing of the hair elements to fine-tune their shapes and styles. The pack also supports dynamic hair physics for all major hair elements, as well as material presets for different colors and highlights. The pack also includes a bonus of 47 hair patches that can be used to create details and correct hair defects. This pack is perfect for creating realistic and diverse characters with custom-made hairstyles.

Smart Hair - Character Creator Reallusion

This is not a pack, but a smart hair system that is compatible with major 3D hair design solutions like Ornatrix, XGen, and Blender Hair Tools. Users can import card-based hair meshes and texture maps from these solutions into Character Creator, and use the smart hair shader to adjust the root-end color, highlight styles, and reflection patterns. Users can also use the smart hair physics to add natural movement and wind behavior to the hair meshes. This system allows users to create high-quality and realistic hair for their characters using their preferred 3D hair design tools.


In conclusion, iClone offers a variety of options for creating amazing hair for your characters. Whether you want to use ready-made hairstyles and accessories, or build your own hairstyles from scratch, or import your own hair meshes from other tools, you can find the right solution for your needs. With iClone's smart hair technology, you can also enjoy realistic hair physics and shader effects that will make your characters come to life.


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