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10cc Greatest Hits And More Rar

1972 was a pivotal year in the musical career of Gouldman. Prior to that year, he'd had many successes as a songwriter, but his own career as a singer and performer had never really gotten off the ground. But he hooked up with three other talented singer songwriters as 10cc, and they started having hits. Gouldman is still leading 10cc as I write this, though the other three fell away and the hits generally stopped coming after the 1970s.

10cc greatest hits and more rar

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One thing about 10cc is that they were always considered quirky, often classified as "art rock" instead of just rock. Their style was so unique and unorthodox that it means few other bands have covered their songs, with the exception of a couple of their more mainstream sounding love songs, "I'm Not in Love" and "The Things We Do for Love," which have been covered a lot. So I had a really hard time finding cover versions of some songs. Certain ones, such as "Art for Art's Sake" and "I'm Mandy, Fly Me," haven't been included because I couldn't find any good covers at all. (If you know of some, please let me know.)

Once Taylor hit the big time, he began the usual trend of playing songs from his latest album plus the greatest hits from previous albums. He's been frustratingly predictable, with few unusual song choices. But in early 1970, he simply didn't have that option, because he didn't have much material yet. As a result, he peppered his concerts with lots of interesting cover versions. I've already posted an album that compiles his 1970 cover versions, which you can find here:

That first album largely covered Gouldman's big successes in the mid-1960s, when he wrote some big, classic hits for different artists. The first half has some more in that vein, still with some success. For instance, "Tallyman" was a hit for Jeff Beck in 1967. However, in 1967 and 1968, music trends were changing rapidly and drastically. Gouldman's pop style fell out of favor as music grew increasingly "heavy" and serious towards the end of the 1960s. Note how many of the bands here like the Herman's Hermits, Wayne Fontana, the Mindbenders, and so on went from often being near the top of the charts to dropping off the charts altogether.

As a result, Gouldman spent a few years more or less in the music wilderness. But during that time, he increasingly linked up with the three other songwriters in 10cc. They finally went by the 10cc in 1972, and soon had a series of hits on their own. Yet during this time, Gouldman never lost his knack for writing catchy and good songs, as you'll see here.


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