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Ezra Stewart
Ezra Stewart

Call It Love 2023 Episode 5

A woman expecting her first child finds she has breast cancer in Call The Midwife's second episode of Season 12 as Lucille seeks medical help and, with husband Cyril's love and generosity, leaves for Jamaica.

Call It Love 2023 Episode 5


No more hints now -- in the Better Call Saul Season 4 episode "Quite a Ride," the series completely crossed over with Breaking Bad. The cold open revealed Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) somewhere towards the end of Breaking Bad, where he's turning his office upside down to find the cash he's stashed as his secretary, Francesca (Tina Parker), shreds every document on Saul's orders. His face is bruised from where Jesse had punched him after finding out the truth about Brock, and the scene we see ends with Saul calling the man who can help Saul "disappear."

What does "In Liebe Deine Jungs" from Better Call Saul season 6, episode 5 mean in English? Better Call Saul's "Black & Blue" begins in typically enigmatic fashion - a flawless glass block constructed from scratch with a slide ruler sitting dead center. A German phrase is then etched onto the front: "In Liebe... Deine Jungs." Though the ornament's significance is initially hazy, "Black & Blue" soon works its way around to Werner Ziegler - the German architect overseeing construction on Gus Fring's super-lab from Better Call Saul season 4. Werner was executed by a reluctant Mike as punishment for breaching protocol and making arrangements to meet his wife, Margarethe.

"Liebe" translated from German to English means "love," so in Better Call Saul's context, the phrase "In Liebe... Deine Jungs" would mean "With Love... Your Boys." This glass plaque was commissioned by the men who traveled to New Mexico alongside Werner and were involved in Gus' super-lab project. Sworn to secrecy, they couldn't tell Margarethe the truth about her husband's demise, nor attend their beloved boss' funeral, meaning small tokens such as etching "In Liebe Deine Jungs" onto a glass block are their only outlet for grieving. As Margarethe reveals to Lalo Salamanca during Better Call Saul season 6, episode 5's bar sequence, Werner Ziegler referred to his employees as "Seine Jungs," which translates to English as "his boys." "Deine" is the informal German for "your," hence why Werner's Better Call Saul plaque reads slightly differently.

After publicly being disappointed by an ex-boyfriend, reality star Bobby Lytes decided to live the single life and focus on accomplishing his dreams as an entertainer. Now ready to again share his world with a special someone, Bobby has called on friends and Executive Producers Rolling Ray and Jason Lee to help him find true love in this new dating competition series. 041b061a72


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