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[[email Protected]] Bleach Movie 1,2,3,4 720p Dual Audio And English Subbed

Bleach Movie 1,2,3,4 720p Dual Audio And English Subbed

Bleach is a popular anime and manga series created by Tite Kubo. It follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who can see ghosts and becomes a Soul Reaper, a warrior who protects the human world from evil spirits called Hollows. Along with his friends and allies, Ichigo battles against various enemies, such as the rogue Soul Reaper Aizen, the Arrancar army, and the Quincy invaders.


Besides the main anime series, which has 366 episodes and is currently being continued with a new season adapting the final arc of the manga, Bleach also has four animated movies that expand on the story and characters. These movies are not canon to the manga, but they are still enjoyable and exciting for fans of the series. In this article, we will introduce you to the four Bleach movies and tell you how to watch them in order.

Bleach: Memories of Nobody (2006)

The first Bleach movie was released in December 2006 and directed by Noriyuki Abe. The story is set after the events of the Soul Society arc, where Ichigo and his friends returned to the human world after rescuing Rukia from execution. The movie introduces a new character named Senna, a mysterious girl who can manipulate memories and has a connection to a group of beings called the Dark Ones. The Dark Ones are trying to destroy both the human world and Soul Society by using a device called the Shinenju, which contains the memories of all souls. Ichigo and Rukia have to team up with other Soul Reapers to stop them and save Senna.

You can watch Bleach: Memories of Nobody online on [AnimeFlix] or download it from [AnimeKaizoku].

Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion (2007)

The second Bleach movie was released in December 2007 and also directed by Noriyuki Abe. The story focuses on Toshiro Hitsugaya, the captain of Squad 10 and one of Ichigo's allies. Hitsugaya is accused of treason when a powerful artifact called the Oin is stolen from his squad during a transport mission. He goes missing while trying to clear his name and find the real culprit. Meanwhile, Ichigo and his friends encounter a mysterious Soul Reaper named Kusaka, who has a grudge against Hitsugaya and claims to be his childhood friend. The movie reveals more about Hitsugaya's past and his relationship with Kusaka.

You can watch Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion online on [AnimeFlix] or download it from [AnimeKaizoku].

Bleach: Fade to Black (2008)

The third Bleach movie was released in December 2008 and once again directed by Noriyuki Abe. The story revolves around Rukia Kuchiki, the Soul Reaper who gave Ichigo her powers and became his friend. Rukia is attacked by two mysterious siblings who use a scythe that can erase memories. As a result, Rukia loses her memories and everyone in Soul Society forgets about her existence. Ichigo is the only one who remembers her and he goes to Soul Society to find her and restore her memories. Along the way, he faces hostility from his former allies and discovers a dark secret behind Rukia's past.

You can watch Bleach: Fade to Black online on [AnimeFlix] or download it from [AnimeKaizoku].

Bleach: Hell Verse (2010)

The fourth and final Bleach movie was released in December 2010 and also directed by Noriyuki Abe. The story is set after the events of the Arrancar arc, where Ichigo defeated Aizen and lost his Soul Reaper powers. The movie explores the concept of Hell, a realm where souls who committed grave sins are sent to suffer for eternity. Ichigo's sister Yuzu is kidnapped by a group of Sinners, escaped prisoners from Hell who want to use her as a bait to lure Ichigo into their trap. Ichigo regains his powers with the help of a mysterious man named Kokuto and enters Hell to rescue Yuzu. However, he soon realizes that Hell is a dangerous place where his Hollow side can take over and that Kokuto has ulterior motives.

You can watch Bleach: Hell Verse online on [AnimeFlix] or download it from [AnimeKaizoku].


The four Bleach movies are a great way to enjoy more of the Bleach universe and see your favorite characters in action. They have amazing animation, music, and fight scenes that will keep you entertained and thrilled. They also explore different themes and aspects of the Bleach lore, such as memories, friendship, betrayal, and redemption. If you are a fan of Bleach, you should definitely check them out.


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